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Published on October 28, 2020
Published by ZorbingBallz.com Vano Inflatables
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Human Hamster Ball - The Zorb Ball. What is Hamster Zorb Ball for humans? The Zorb is an inflatable orb produced by transparent material TPU or PVC played for the event of Zorbing. People call it as inflatable Human Hamster Ball, Zorbing Ball or Inflatable Bubble Ball as well. One hand, human can go inside the giant inflatable ball for walking plays on land or water. On the other hand, it is initially more popular for rolling down a gentle ramp of hillside. The Hamster Zorb being pulled by a jet ski is another emerging fun in recent few years. One of the famous Zorbs is Outdoor Gravity Orb OGO from New Zealand, the place of origin of Zorbing. More zorbs include water walking ball, zorbing ball, water roller. bubble football, bubble soccer, bumper ball. More information at Zorbing-balls.com, ZorbRamp.com, human-hamster-ball.com, zorb-soccer.com, BubbleFootballSuit.com, WalkingBalls.com, WaterRollers.com.
Professional Zorb Factory - Vano Inflatables Industrial Limited


Singapore River
Www.zorbing-balls.com Www.ZorbRamp.com

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Condition: New

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